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Gillespie Pass and Lake Crucible

Trip to Chamonix, Banked Slalom and Best Pow Quest EVER!

It’s been a pretty mellow few weeks here in Morzine. The rest of the team have been off racing which I didn’t do due to lack of funds and because I did the… Continue reading

Waiting for the mountain to open…..

Been in Morzine for almost a week now and its starting to feel more like home. Spent most of my time doing staff training with Skiidy Gonzalez which has been really useful. Really… Continue reading

Arrival in Morzine and Cooking Avec la Crème Fraiche

So I am sitting in the airport about to leave the UK with no plans to return. It’s been a really stressful week trying to sort out paper work, cancelling standing orders and… Continue reading

Press and Journal Press Clipping

Managed to get front page of the Sports section before Tiger Woods!! Source: Press & Journal (Aberdeen) Country: UK Date: Tuesday 8, November 2011 Page: 22 Words by Stephen Kasiewics Akass’s winding road… Continue reading