A southern hemi summer so far….

This is my first full summer in Wanaka and I can confirm what so many people say…. It really is better than in winter! Or maybe I am just saying that because I have had too many winters in my life… Once again I have been pretty slack on posting picture but here is a very quick update on some things I’ve been up to.

First up, and what seams ages ago now, paddle board trip down the Wilkin Valley with Sam.

Awesome thing about summer is the long evenings here as it doesn’t get dark till after 10pm. A friend from work, who is a bit of a crazy fit mountain biker, said she was off up Istmus Peak on her bike after work so figured I would tag along as its one of the peaks you kind of have to do and it may as well be on a bike! Turned out to be pretty steep. Erin managed to cycle the whole way up where as I only managed about 98% of it…… on foot….

IMG_6275Erin up Istmus after cycling half way back down to find me still pushing!

IMG_6273Made it to the top just in time for sun set, would of been raging if I had missed it!

Corner Peak

Corner Peak (1683m) is another near by mountain that is a little less walked around here and was another one I have been needing to do for a while. With a day off, perfect weather and nothing planned I had no excuse not to.

IMG_6566Swapping from bikes back to boots for this one.


Brad ‘fae’ Bradford came along for the trip. Its pretty hard to show how steep a slope is in a photo but hopefully this gives you an idea of what the first hour+ was like.


Yellow the whole way up.

IMG_6306Lake Hawea


IMG_6364Views back across Hawea Flat

IMG_6382Our goal for the day in the distance

IMG_6420Walking the ridge tops for most of the day. Have to make sure you take the right side for the sidles!

IMG_6442The steep sidle we almost went the wrong side of! Doesn’t look steep but I can assure you when you walk right across that middle face it is….

IMG_6570Almost there. Istmus peak which Erin cycled up and I pushed up in the background.

IMG_6482A view from the summit. The Neck on the left with Lake Wanaka in the distance and  looking up over Dingle Burn and down the Hunter Valley on the right. The view from the summit is truly incredible in all directions. A photo does it no justice.


Lake Hawea

IMG_6544Walking through alpine meadows the whole way to the summit

IMG_6557Brad ‘fae’ Bradford with the ultimate booster seat!

It really was an incredible day for it, if anything a bit to incredible with it almost hitting 30°C. When we eventually got back to the valley floor and almost back at the car we were treated to a a bush full of the rippest black berrys!! After a whole day exposed to the sun and with just a bottle of warm water to keep you going, these were bloody epic!


A small fraction of the berrys we spent 30mins scoffing straight off the bush!!


The whole trip including alot of chilling out and sitting pondering the view probably took us about 7 hours. As walks go around the Wanaka area this has to be one of the best!!