Motatapu Track

The Motatapu Track is one I have wanted to do for quite a while as its right on my doorstep so finally got round to it. It’s pretty darn good track to do and nicer to get out on some of the less groomed trails (we did the Kepler Highway few weeks back). Spent 3 days doing it, 1 day to Highland Creek Hut, 1 to Roses Hut and last day out to Arrow town. All pretty mellow crusie days but if you are not used to tramping it would take a lot longer. Crusie days are good though until you rock up at hut at 1 in the afternoon without a book or anything to keep you entertained. Sitting still is something I don’t do well, probably should of gone run up something to get rid of some energy! This post would be best read whilst listening to this song. The whole track goes through Shania’s back garden (more like mountain range) and she paid for all the huts etc, good work.

tom akass motutapu-2

James the Fan Dan rocking the Caithness Jaw

tom akass motutapu

Val the ‘Last Card’ Frenchman. Never play cards with him….

tom akass motutapu-5

Looking back towards Lake Wanaka

tom akass motutapu-6

Great to get the boots off

tom akass motutapu-9

First hut, Highland Creek

tom akass motutapu-8

Living it up with a vanilla latte and some afghan biscuits!

tom akass motutapu-7

Napier tramping club, not my old Uni unfortunately :(

tom akass motutapu-11

After a late start, time to head off to Roses Hut

tom akass motutapu-12

Anyone want to upgrade their boots? Free pair on the trail for collection

tom akass motutapu-15

Most of the day was spent on the tops walking through golden tussocks

tom akass motutapu-14

Cliché shot of Roses Hut

tom akass motutapu-13

Val owning the cards! Also our hut friend from state side, Joe. Top lad.

tom akass motutapu-20

Our poem about the tramp. Best sung in an ‘Andy Stewart’ esk accent

tom akass motutapu-16

Epic views back down the Motatapu Valley

tom akass motutapu-17

James knackered

tom akass motutapu-18

Dropping down from the last saddle towards Macetown

tom akass motutapu-4

Tussock Ridges

tom akass motutapu-19

And then it rained…. a lot.