Photos from 2013 winter

So this winter at Treble Cone has flown by so so quick and it feels like I have barely had time to get my camera out!! As is the case with snowsports instructors we often winge, too much work and then not enough work! Thankfully this season was really busy work wise and had some fantastic athletes come through some of the snowboard programs. There was only really one good blue bird powder day too shoot this season though when I was working so compared to last season there isn’t a great number of shots. Heres a couple though, enjoy. Now summer is here though I am looking forward to getting out and shooting some mountain bike and climbing missions etc. Watch this space!

2013 season-9

Dan Kabi

2013 season-12

Dust on crust

2013 season-6

James Mclean

2013 season-3

Rob Kingsland

2013 season-2

Christina shredding!

2013 season-13

Dank finding the only pocket of pow on TC that day. good 2 hrs of hiking about looking for this pocket!

2013 season-18

Easy rider park laps!

2013 season-17

2013 season-14

Managed to get a couple flights about with my old man. Learning to fly will hopefully be on the cards this summer.

2013 season-2-2

Kinetic Sculptures by Peter Akass from tom akass on Vimeo.

Here is a wee clip my old man asked me to make for him. Only edited in imovie with a playstation sing star mic so not the best quality sound but its alright ish. Need to get a proper mic at some point.