Waiting for the snow to fall……. Again!

Been back in Wanaka now for a over a month waiting for the mountains to open. Nice to have some down time and because town is so quiet, folk can usually get few extra days off work to go on missions. An inversion layer also hits town round about this time of year and can sometimes last weeks, leaving town feeling pretty grim. My friend, Ryan, and I decided to get above the cloud and go bivy up Mt. Roy. We would then spend the next day walking over to the Cardrona valley along the ridges. It’s a pretty mellow hike and really easily accessible from town and the views, as with every other mountain top in New Zealand, are spectacular.

Mt Roy-3-2Generic shot everyone does on their way up Mt. Roy

Mt Roy-2

Looking down towards Glendhu under the inversion

Mt Roy-4-2

The Matukituki Valley, Mt Aspiring and Black Peak at sunset.

Mt Roy-3

After a quick bit of dinner and a mug of hot chocolate we got ready for the cold night ahead. Turned out to be one of the coldest nights I’ve ever had and thats including igloos and snow caves! I ended up just setting outside in my bivy most the night watching dozens of shooting starts and the lights of Wanaka under the inversion. It was really spectacular and the town looked like it was boiling away under the thick cloud soup.

Mt Roy-5-2

Wanaka boiling away under the inversion. Spot the Hawea and Albert Town in the distance too.

Mt Roy-6-2

The sun just about to rise and bring with it a bit of warmth

Mt Roy-5

The inversion over the lake. Anyone have any idea why there is that big step in the cloud? There isn’t any land fatures under that part, just the middle of the lake? Change in water temperature maybe?

Mt Roy-4

Mt Aspiring

Mt Roy-7-2

The sun finally peaking over the horizon

Mt Roy-2-3

Ryan packing up his wee tent, still pretty cold.

Mt Roy-7

A short 3 hour walk over the tops via Mt Alpha and we were down at the Cardrona Valley road. It warmed up pretty quick too until we dropped back under the inversion. Luckily for us we managed to score a lift after 5 mins!

Here ate a few other pictures from May I just haven’t got round to posting up too. First few are from a short overnight trip Scott, Ryan and myself did from Cardrona to Cromwell. Super mellow trip and some good times. Enjoy.

meg pisa-2

A night of playing cards (well Monopoly Deal) in the Meg hut on the way over the Pisa Range

meg pisa

The Meg Hut. Still one of my favorite huts in all of New Zealand

meg pisa-6

Scott and Ryan walking over to Deep Creek Hut

meg pisa-9

Some graffiti in this hut from 1905 (ish, can’t remember the exact date but around about then)

Couple pictures from flying with the old man. Really need to get round to learning to fly some time soon…..

meg pisa-10

Flying over the Clutha

meg pisa-2-2

No point in having nice glass on your camera if your then just going to shoot through Plexi!