Biking out to the Browning Hut

My flat mate, Nik, and managed to fit in a quick overnight trip this weekend. We have both been pretty busy with work recently and normally have days off at different times which is bit of a pain. So finishing I finished work at 5pm on the Sunday and Nik had to be back at work by 12pm on the Tuesday. Plenty of time! There are plenty of huts near Nelson and we ended up going to the Browning Hut as I hadn’t been over that way before. The track is really good fun with a few really technical sections/river crossings we had to push/carry the bikes over. Ended up taking just over and hour to get there. The way back in the morning was so really good too, need to go back without packs to get full enjoyment from it!


Hackett Bridge


Sun about to set just at the start of the trail


Browning Hut-2

When it says use the lower path when the river is low, do it!

Browning Hut-3

Going to make….

Browning Hut-4

Not going to make it….

Browning Hut-5

Cooking up some Couscous

Browning Hut-7

First startrail I have done in a long time