Furniture made from Pallets and Driftwood

Had a wee bit of time on my hands recently up here in sunny Nelson and those of you that know me will know that I find it extremely difficult to sit still for 5 minutes. I move into a new flat next week and needed a few bits and bobs for it, mainly the basics like a bed, chair and bedside table etc. Without having IKEA in New Zealand its pretty hard to get cheap, quick ‘just moved into a flat’ kind of furniture here so I figured and just make it myself. I had been for a couple trips to the beach and been collecting nice wee bits of wood here and there as I suspected I would use them for something. My flat mate is a carpenter and kindly armed me with all the tools I would require. A hammer and crowbar for smashing up pallets, a saw for sawing shit and a battery drill for screwing shit. You don’t need much.

First up was my bed. The bed base itself I am just going to use pallets for as they are free easy. For the headboard I wanted something a little different and still in keeping with the coastal theme. Chuck in a bit of driftwood and you got a nice, simple headboard.

Driftwood bed

Apologies for the poor image.

Next up was my bedside table. I had a couple pallets I had got the day before that were pretty nice and some of the planks had some really nice features in them. Originally I wanted to make one with a draw but with a draw comes all the clutter they seam to attract so a shelf would suffice for now. This probaly ended up being my favorite piece.

Pallet Table

I had a couple nice lengths of driftwood I thought about making my bed base from but also needed a chair for sitting and drinking tea on. You have to prioritise these things so chair it was.

Pallet and driftwood chair

Does look a bit like a hobbits chair but oh well.

And thats it for now. Once I start needing some more bits and bits I shall make them. Its so handy having access to so many free materials near by, people really should make more use of it!

Will leave you with photo from short sailing trip we had on a friends boat the other day. The most incredible boat I have ever been on, The Willy Bolton.

The Willy Bolton