Cable Bay, Nelson and a bit of Windsurfing

Been in Nelson exactly a week now and what a week its been! Paddle boarding, climbing, mountain biking, longboarding, windsurfing, fishing and even a bit of cross dressing! (fancy dress theme I promis) Already met some really nice folk up here and already feeling like its going to be a good summer. Had a pretty mellow day today as hadn’t made any plans as the weather was meant to be a bit crappy but ended up being ok. Took a short drive out to Cable Bay which is about 20mins drive north of Nelson.

Cable Bay Nelson

Cable Bay

Not too much surfing around Nelson, need to drive couple hours to get to the good stuff but there is the odd bit here and there. Couple guys spent a good our trying to catch these waves with very little success. No one likes a quitter though!

Looking back into the bay.

Starting to get into summer now!

After I got back to town I went and met up with Suz and Tim as the wind was up and they were keen to get out wind surfing. Tim runs Nelson Watersports and had taken me out for a really good lesson a few days before so I was keen to go and see how the pro’s do it! Didn’t disappoint and I can’t wait to get back out when there is a little less wind than there was today! Highly recommend giving it a go!

Heaps of kite surfers

Still can’t figure out how u get that much gear off fairly flat water….

Making it look to easy