The Wanaka Fest Urban Downhill + More

Wanaka fest, which is once a year extravaganza of all things Wanaka, has been underway the last few days and today was one of the Urban Downhill. It was a pretty cool set up starting up in Lismore Park in the woods and then blitzing right through town! Riders came from all over to take part and the locals ripped. Couple locals hauling ass on hardtails showing that the big rigs weren’t necessarily the right call. Heres a few pics from the event.

Getting loose and showing some of the lads how its done!

This was shortly followed by a pretty hard introduction to the tree on the right…

Hauling on the hardtail!

Heading into the stair section that claimed a few

Few folk managed to to get some massive both feet on two wheel drift around this, committed!

Local kids lying under the finish jump, can’t stop kiwi kids always wanting to add a but of risk to life!


In other news earlier in the week there was pretty big bush fire earlier in the week. It was started by a local farmer as a burn off to clear the land but it got a wee bit big. More about it can be read here.

Also went on a wee mission up towards Timaru creek last week. There is some pretty good fly fishing up there starting Nov 1st so wanted to go have a look. River was super high though so couldn’t do the track along the valley bottom which meant a whole heap of vertical…. There is lots of huts around the area so may have to go spend a night or two around the Moonlight hut once the rivers are open and the fish are running!

Looking back towards lake Hawea