Few days in the Catlins

Managed to get a few days in the Catlins this week. First time out of Wanaka for more than 2 days all season so good to get away. The weather was pretty horrific and bloody cold compared to what Wanaka has been like over week or so but ach well, reminds me of Scotland. Cherie has arranged for us to stay at some of her old family friends and help out on their farm for a few days. Certainly a big change from instructing but still so much fun. Career change?

Cherie prepping herself for the worlds most extreme assault course.

We stopped of at top secret assault course known as ‘The Confidence Course’ en route which I thought was going to entail some balance beams and a the odd rope swing but how wrong I was. It was pretty much go ape but without any of the safety wires. Proper shit scary in places but well worth a wiggle. Cherie informed me that it was where a lot of local schools, including her old school, would go on school camps. I think this was the New Zealand governments own form of Darwinism and thus making sure any kids that did fall to the death were strong enough to be classed as Kiwi!

Pretty stormy down south

Cherie making sure there was plenty of jagged rocks at the bottom of the cliff where she threatened to push me…

The story weather over the few days before we arrived resulted in this… Don’t worry though, Cherie isn’t actually upset, she has no remorse.

Despite my name on it, I didn’t take this picture. I was busy being a little girl and whimsing whilst the seal lion was growling.

Waipapa Lighthouse

One of the many lambs we looked after.

At the Munro’s residence we did all sorts including milking 440 cows, lambing beats, de-tailing 231 lambs and many other farming tasks. It was a really cool wee farm, kind of what you imagine a farm should be like when your a kid.

The wool shed.

Cherie threatened to shave my beard with these….

Just before we were Wanaka bound. Cheers Ron and Gay Munro for a fantastic few days.

A short sunny spell in the dreichness!

Stopped off in Bluff on the way home for Fush and Chups with views of fushing boats and an aluminium foundry.