Flying over to Dingleburn Station

So the season is all over now and and summer is just around the corner. Got to go flying with my old man for the first time in couple years as his back has been crook and I have been back in Scotland. There are hundreds of little airstrips all over these parts at remote sheep stations and wee huts etc so thought we would head over to Dingleburn station on the other side of Lake Hawea and have a look. Here are a few shots from the flight.

The Dove of Peace P-51 lining up with us for take off

Above Lake Hawea

The 4×4 track to Dingleburn

Go Pro on the wing

Dingleburn approach

Rough wee strip at dingle burn before the main one. Almost hit a bird of prey on the way in! Epic backdrop with the waterfall though.

There are plenty more strips further up the valley

Taking off and heading home…

The Red Bridge on the way to Tarras while we make our approach to Wanaka airfield.