Sleeping in an Igloo at Treble Cone Summit

So a few weeks ago I was hiking the summit of Treble Cone with some work mates and stumped upon an incredibly well located igloo which had been build by someone with a good head for heights. It was perched on a very very small area of rock sticking out over the back cliffs of the summit. Ever since I saw it I wanted to go sleep in it so we did. Took a little bit of organising to get up their after work as I had spent a full day teaching on too. Massive thanks to all that helped out, really appreciated!

Jo and Cherie pointing out lines of the back of the summit

Some potentially epic lines to be had still if your willing to hike!

Cherie scaling the final rocks of Everest Treble Cone

The best view of sunset in the area for sure

Anyone want to take me Helisking? please….

After we cooked up an almighty batch of cheesy pasta went and braved the cold for a few star shots.

Star trail

Back in the Igloo waiting while the camera was on a timer

First time stacking exposures rather than one long one.

View from the igloo door, shooting star down the bottom

The Milky Way

The most incredible place to see the sun rise

Jo cooking up some bacon!

Watching all the staff vans come up the road before we had to head down and start work too!