Trip to the Meg Hut in the Cardrona Valley. Featuring sun, lightening, rain, snow and some good times.

It’s been a hell of a long time since I have posted anything up on here. I have been in New Zealand for nearly 3 months now and have pretty much been working flat out the whole time. I had a couple days off and some friends visiting who were stopping off on their round the world trip so decided to go on a wee bit of a mission with them. One of my other friends had told me about her trip a mountain hut up the Cardrona Valley called the Meg Hut so we decided to go and check it out. The trip would turn out to be fantastic. We would end up having every type of weather from hot and sunny, rain, thunder and lightening and snow too.

You park up at the bottom of the Snow Park road and set off up another wee valley off the side and its about 1.25 hours steady climb to the top of the saddle where you then descend another 45mins to the hut.

Anna making sue her lunch doesn’t go missing

Felt like a hot summers day on the way up to the saddle

Our first glimpse of the meg hut

On the hike in we joked about how much we all wanted a beer and what the chances were of a vending machine just magically appearing in the hut for us. When we got there someone had left a can of Speights. Thanks so much, it was greatly appreciated!

Not many people had visited the hut since Cherie and her friends had been a few weeks earlier.

Much log cutting needed to be done to keep the fire going for the evening.

Looking back up the path to the hut.

After getting the fire started it was time to get cooking. Just as we sat down to eat two other friends from Wanaka arrived who we didn’t know where planning to stay too. Was really good to catch up though.

Our cosy wee hut for the evening.

Took a long time to get this like this! A whole load of head lamps and a big old flash!

1 hour exposure

Charlie off to do some washing up in the burn the next morning.

During the night there was a massive thunderstorm and heavy rain. We awoke to find the saddle covered in snow. Here is a shot of the same view the day before and the next morning.



The view back down into the Cardrona Valley.

Scott and Anna waiting as the others make another water crossing.

Sheep making the river crossings look a lot easier than we did.