Then sapa. Epic! Weather wasn’t the best when we arrived and this would continue for the rest of our stay. As soon as we entered the town we were greated by loads of local lasses trying to sell us stuff, very skillfully as well I might add and maybe not straight away but we would all end up buying something from atleast one of them.

Sophie Wardlaw

Sophie trying to keep her can of coke away from some local kids.

And then they attacked her….. she deserved it though.

First day we meet up with some german guys we meet on the train on the way to sapa and hired motorbikes so we could drive up to silver waterfalls and the Tran Ton pass which is the highest mtn pass in Vietnam. Really nice.

One of they many impressive waterfalls we came across.

Tiff, myself and our german friends decided to go on a mission later that evening to go and check out one of the local villages. Really impressive to see all the rice paddies and friendly locals.

One horned water buffalo and Tiff’s favorite animal.

View down towards the village.

Rice paddie.

A butt ton of rice!

Wee lass dressed in the traditionally bright colours

Not much room for anything other than rice

We got up and planned to walk down to lai chai village which is about a 13km trek. When we left the cafe where we had breakfast we were once again followed buy the local girls asking the usual questions ‘Where are you going?’ or ‘You buy from me, you promis maybe later.’ We just carried on walking but 3 of the lasses, including one I bought a scarf thing from the day before followed us and eventually offered to show us to the village down a secret route where we didn’t have to pay the 40,000 entrance fee.

Soph, Tiff and Skye going through some corn

Ping pointing out marijuana plants they use for making hemp.

Trying not to collapse the terraces

Got pretty steep in places

We knew that chances are it was going to lead straight to there shop or something but we figured we’d just go for it. They lead us down right in amoungst the rice paddies other crops. The pointed out different plants the used for different things like indigo for dying their clothing a maruajna which they used for the hemp to make cloths. Took a while to convince them that actually know I wasn’t interested in smoking it!

Ping and her friend

A few of them spoke incredibley good English, some of the best we’d heard in all of Vietnam and when we asked them where they had learnt it was just from chatting to tourists.

Viaduct carrying water to the villages.

More rice

When it rains here it rains pretty dam hard

So so green!

The day ended up being one of the best days we’d had so far, we learnt alot from the lasses and they were super friendly. In return for the generosity and showing us around we were expecting a whooping bill or demands to buy stuff from them. It didn’t come. Soph baught a scarf and bracelet and tiff got a wee something and that was it. We asked the girls what they think of Hanoi as we didn’t really like it there but they had never been as far as sapa town! Would of loved to show them around Edinburgh or somewhere for the day!


One of the other girls that showed us about

Tartan umbrellas are definitely in in Catcat village.

Three on a bike on the way back up the hill.

Wee lass carrying her sibling while trying to sell stuff to tourists.

Sapa ended up being one of my favorite bits of the trip, if you ever go to Vietnam don’t miss out on it.