Part 2 of Vietnam, Can Tho, Mui Ne and Hoi An

Can Tho was the next town and it was pretty cool. We had a very short time there, less than a day, so we wanted to get the very most out of it and see as much as we could. We arrived late ish and got up at 5am to meet a small boat that was going to show us around the Mekong for sunrise. Stops inlucled the two floating markets and around some of the canals, mangroves and rice paddies. We got a real good insight into how all the markets worked and got to see the full process of it all. We got back at about 1pm and then it was off on the bus to Siagon airport to meet our new travel companion, Tiff. Probably easiest to just show a load of photos with captions so enjoy.

Can tho mekong delta

Sunrise in the Mekong and the river is already alive with hundreds of boats off to do different things!

Each area of the river had a flotilla of boats that specialised in selling certain produce. To let other boats know what they were selling they would just hang them off a stick on the front of their boat. These guys were selling some root vegetable but there was boats full of melons, pineapples and even floating coffee shops!

Shopping for melons.

House on stilts on the banks of the Mekong

Poor kid bored out of his mind being dragged around to do the weekly shop.

Bumped into our favorite Frenchies!

Bored kid was actually a Will Smith wanabe!

After a few hours floating around canals and mangroves we got out and walked through some dry rice paddies.

Soph managed to spot this in the mud which was really random but kind of cool. Wish I’d kept it now but for some reason we left it there.

Really cool wee lass that ran along the paths with us for a while looking for her dad, who was working the rice paddies, to give him a smoke and something to drink.

Dodgy wee bridge.

Hitch-hiker on the way back into Can Tho

We got a taxi out to the main bus station and say the best dashboard display of the whole trip. Every car should have a scene from Jurassic Park on the dash!

We meet up with Tiff, one of Soph’s mates from Chamonix, in Siagon the next day. An early start the next day to do a few things in the city before heading off to to Mui Ne, which is about 5 hours north of Siagon. It’s right on the coast and a really nice town famous for its wind and kite surfing. We sorted out with a local guy to take us out in his 4×4 to show us some random stream called fairy stream which turned out to be pretty darn cool. It was a shallow river cutting its way through the sand dunes creating some incredible colours and shapes. The water was actually hotter than the air temperature.

Fairy Stream.

Stop off on the way to the dunes. Fishermen sorting their nets.

Not the cleanest beach in Vietnam by any means.

Then we headed off to the ‘white dunes’. They were proper Lawrence of Arabia dunes which I didn’t expect to see here.

On the way to the dunes.

Oasis in the middle of the dunes.

Tiff about to drop into a fresh looking line on one of the dunes…..

It didn’t go so well for her….. Heaps harder than you think though.

Sunset at the dunes.

We were all pretty sweaty so went tried to find somewhere to shower and ended up buying a beer in a hotel to use their epic epic pool. Travelling is tough sometimes. Now we are waiting on our night bus to take us to na trang. Beers on the beech, ooolaay!

After another shit experience on the night buses of Vietnam we arrived in Na Trang and checked into our hotel. We had a wonder around town and ended up going to some mud baths for the afternoon. Was actually quite a cool experience.  Ended up leaving Na Trang the same day and headed up to Hoi An on another night bus…..

Not the comfiest way to travel….

Hoi An is possibly the nicest town I have ever visited. Totally different to any other town we have vistited in Vietnam with a little bit more of a Japanese feel to it. The old town is beautifully lit up at night but hundreds of colourful lanterns with candles etc floating in the river.

Lass selling pretty pricy slices of pineapple.

Tiff and I had some issues when combining out hats with bicycles.

I had planned to get my first ever suit made while we were here so after checking out a few different places I went to Yaly Cuture and got measured up. First fitting for the suit was the next day, no idea how they make it all so quick but, after a couple more fittings, the end result was fantastic. Plus they keep all your measurements so I can just phone up and order another one when ever. First day we bumped into our friends Emanuel and Guillaume again so hired bikes and went around all the rice paddies and back towns. Everyone was so so friendly and wanted to come speak to us.

We went and got on a boat the next day which took us over to the Cham Islands which are about an hour away from the mainland. We snorkeled on two different sites and got to swim with a school of barracuda and saw all kinds of other stuff including starting a turf war with G-Mo (Nemo’s black cousin). We stopped on the island for lunch and it can only be described as paradise.

The fact Sophie is the only one waring a life jacket wasn’t just a fashion statement.


We met some really cool people on the boat and ended up meeting up with them all for few drinks later. Pretty fun night and shotted some horrid local brews which come is vessels containing birds feet, snakes and snails. Yum.

The boat that took us to the island.

Fishing Boat.


Sunset fishing at the river mouth.

We got up the next day and hired a few bikes for $1 to go round the outskirts of the town again. Easily the best way of seeing the area.

Sophie living up to her nickname and Tiff doing the same.

Working the rice paddies.

The paddies are also used for farming ducks too.

Chef at one of the restaurants in town.

Next stop is train to Dong Hoi and Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.