Stunt ditch and few random bits from around Morzine

Been a couple weeks since last post but not much has been going on here. The weather has been pretty rubbish and not had a sunny day for what seams like ages, really hard to motivate yourself to go ride when the visibility is this rubbish. There has been a good dump of snow but only up the very top in Avoriaz and even then its really heavy snow. Here are few random shots from the last few weeks.

Waterfall in Nyon, much bigger one behind where I took the photo from but not as good.

Had one last stunt ditch training session and this was also the last time we saw sun.

Jimbo showing us how your actually mean to tweak a backside air

Jen ripping it

Young Max showing us all up

Definitely one to watch in the future, Isla.

Cheers for photo Max.

Had another banked slalom race up in Avoriaz and it was sick! Crap weather and couldn’t see but such a mellow event. No one could actually be bothered to race and the free BBQ, wine and punch at the bottom proved to far more appealing for all the riders! At 2pm we eventually thought some racing should get done. I had finished 2nd at the last banked slalom but the standard for this one was very high as it was the final round of a tour so lots of riders from other resorts had come over for it. Eventually ended up 12th which I was stoked about and even managed to beat Jimbo however, Myles beating me by 0.01 of a second was frustrating as hell, dam him!! Next time haha! Really fun day though and a massive thanks to all the organisers. Most fun event of the season. Few photos bellow and more can be found here.

Loads of swallow tails showed up for the event!

Soph in the pump track in Cham.

Em, Mark, Dee and Keeks were over in Chatel again so managed to catch up with them and went over to Cham for day. They headed off skiing but I meet up with a mate and went biking again. Really wish I’d kept a bike in Edinburgh as I have missed it heaps. Also had best  french onion soup ever!

Myles planning his new business venture and Evians demise.

Had a rather hungover walk today up to Lake Montriond and to the waterfalls up there with Myles and Marlies. Was pretty chilly still and the weather was still pretty grim but at least it got us out the flat.

Myles and Marlies Chilling

Pretty boring and uneventful blog post I know but not much has been going on really. Only got a couple more weeks left here and then onwards to Edinburgh and then a month in Vietnam!