Halfpipe Training in Avoriaz

Went for another hike yesterday in the baking sun. The aim was to get up to the very top of Pepsi Max in Avoriaz but none of the guys were keen to do the Gnarly ridge route as there isn’t much snow on it at the moment at what stuff is still left is falling off rather quick. So we ended up trying to just hike the bowl. Without snowshoes or splitboard it was a nightmare but we made it at least half way and the snow was actually still alright.

Resting after a monster hike

Ed, Elliot and Linzi rest after monster hike.

The rest of the team got back day ago and we were straight back into halfpipe training which is definitely my favorite type of training. Took a few photos before it got to slush and closed so have a gander. Think the biggest improvement in my riding all season has definitely been pipe, its so so addictive! Cheers Myles for the shots of myself.