Trip to Chamonix, Banked Slalom and Best Pow Quest EVER!

It’s been a pretty mellow few weeks here in Morzine. The rest of the team have been off racing which I didn’t do due to lack of funds and because I did the Polish and Czech races instead. The flat has been nice and quiet without them so good to get some down time.

I managed to finally make it over to Chamonix for couple of days which was epic! Stayed in a land boat, rode a couple of different mountains, did a small hike, went for cycle, partied and met some really cool people. Possibly some of the best days of the season so far! The snow wasn’t fantastic there but loads of stuff to jib and jump off.

One of the only shots I took in Cham. That slightly lower peak on the left is called Le Dru and you can just make out a slightly lighter patch of rock on it after half of it fell off.

After coming back and doing a couple days transfer driving I managed to get a morning off to do one of the Changabang banked slalom races up in Avoriaz and managed to get 2nd place and nice new belt. Really fun events to do and I’d love to get a few more running at Treble Cone this season as anyone can do them. One girl at this one had been snowboarding for only 4 Days!! Few photos from the race can be seen here.

After I got back to Morzine it started snowing again which at first I was kind of annoyed about as I had been enjoying all the sun but after the pow runs we had today I have changed my mind. Went up with few of the Aussies, Elliot and Sam and did a few small hike/traverses around the back side of pepsi max which we were all super stoked on already, so much fun and loads of fresh powpow and trees. We did this lap a couple times and were almost ready to call it a day.

Elliot stoked on life…… continuously

Sam and Elliot Chilling

The Alp we hiked later in the day.


Later on after what we though was going to be one of our last runs we got to the top of Chaux Fleurie chair and saw thee most amazing looking face that needed to be shredded. I met a couple of lasses I knew who said some of our other mates had just set off to do the same face. It looked like a mammoth hike but it needed to be done!

The Hike

Work mate Trevor who beasted past us on the hike.

Looking back into Chatel on the right and Avoriaz on the left.

Well earned rest at the top.

It only took us about 1 hour to get to the summit where we changed our minds about what route we were going to take down as opted for the steeper and deeper option which hadn’t been baked in the sun all day which is always a safer bet! We were treated with possibly thee best run of our lives. I know everyone always says that but genuinely it was epic.

Sam ripping

Knackered on the chairlift home.

Apologies for the lame photos in this post, just been using my s90 and there is something up with the censor and keep getting light patches in my shots. Need to get it sent back to canon.