Powder Day in Morzine!!

The snow has arrived in a big way! We have had more snow this week than they had for the entire season last year. We had a little bit of a late start due to some tomfoolery the night before but once we were there it was incredible. Some of the best snow of my life. This little video is made of of clips from one 15min run. That gives you an idea of how fun the entire day was!! Look out for the ending, glad it wasn’t a Canada style tree well!

Kimbra, Myles and chilling on the chair

We also went on a little road trip the other day to Cluses to pick up some waxes and some boards that other team guys had put in to get structured etc. Could quite easily spend a small fortune in the shop with all the HF waxes etc! Heres Jimbo giving his waxing advice. “HF7 every time!”


I also came across this in the supermarket. The Hangover 2 is actually called ‘Very Bad Trip 2’ in France. But the fact it was the ULTIMATE EDITION really sold it to me!

Think its actually a better name than the Hangover anyways!