Arrival in Morzine and Cooking Avec la Crème Fraiche

So I am sitting in the airport about to leave the UK with no plans to return. It’s been a really stressful week trying to sort out paper work, cancelling standing orders and getting rid of stuff I can’t take. Its amazing the amount of random crap that you gather at University. Mostly T-shirts! Last year I did a run to the charity shop with over 30 T-shirts I don’t think I’d even worn!! This year was similar.

Pigeons shall not be missed....

Want to thank everyone who made it for drinks at the Standing Order, really good to see you guys one last time and was good send off!

“Final call for passengers travelling to Geneva.” I better finish this later.

Its for sale if anyone is after a new pad? Pass it all time on the way to work.

Meet some really cool people in my time in Edinburgh never mind some of the best mates you could ask for from back up in the Highlands. Its weird to be leaving with no plans of return but I know that I will see most people again at some point. Even going to miss my job there! Everyone at Porto & Fi on the mound, thanks for the last few months.

Porto & Fi. One of the nicest places I've ever worked. Go check it out, best fish pies ever!

Managed to pack up all my stuff into 3 bags, 1 of which I will leave with a mate in Edinburgh. I will worry about getting it out to New Zealand closer to the time. All of them weigh a bloody ton! Board bag and hold luggage weighed 45kg so massive thanks to the check in guy who let me off without having to pay the excess baggage. Being friendly and polite will get you a long way!

Everything I shall be needing for the next 5 months. And yes I did remember tea bags!

Bloody Poustish!

SleezyJet rating for this trip 6/10. Why the hell do people feel the need to get up and start queuing so early to board?

Lake Geneva looking towards the Alps. Please note the lack of snow...

Got picked up by one of the Skiidy Gonzales vans and dropped off right outside our new apartment in central Morzine which is sweet as! Sure the drive up the hill is going to become very familiar as I shall probably be doing it about 6 times a week. Heaps of space in the flat compared to usual seasonal accommodation, living room, kitchen, wood fire etc. Big change compared to what I am used to staying in on uni trips! Few other people were waiting in the apartment when I arrived while there was being finished and all seamed cool. Only been here for 3 hours and feels like I’ve meet half of Morzine!

Team GB Head Quarters

Been to le super market and looking like its going to be spaghetti carbonara for dindins, not going to be quite as good as Sparrow’s or Amy’s though! Even going to bust out la crème fraiche.

P.S. There is no snow. Wish I had taken my longboard with me, roads look heaps sick!

Somone has been watching the 'No No Channel, Creme Fraiche!'