Packing for first GB Team Camp in Zermatt

So I leave tomorrow for my first training camp of the season in Zermatt and can’t wait as it seams like forever since I last had a slide on real snow! Had a pretty stressful week in the run up to it as it was pretty late notice and had to quickly sort out FIS license etc in time to get reduced lift passes etc. This added with insurance, training fees etc has seriously taken a major chunk out of funds. Its very depressing working full time since the start of August and then everything you earned disappears in a week! Rest of the season is going to be a real struggle and don’t think I’l make it to the next training camp at the end of November.

Anyways, heres my packing so far, starting from top to bottom, left to right. What have I forgotten?

What have I forgotten!

  • Pocket in board bag. TEA, Tea in europe is normally crap so got some proper BRITISH tea coming with me. Also Scraper, screwdriver, petex and spare binding parts.
  • 158 Rome Mod with Targas. Obv not my race board but still need to sort that out. Another serious dent in funds to come….
  • Gym kit. As well as on snow training we’re going to be doing lots of fitness etc. Time to see if those hours in the gym have been paying off!
  • Camera gear and Batteries so I can update my site when I get back.
  • Euro plug adaptor and UK multi socket for phone, camera etc.
  • Transceiver. Not going to be going backcountry but always keep it in my bag.
  • Waxes for waxing clinics.
  • Salomon F22. Only boots that properly fit my feet! Super low profile too so no toe drag.
  • Board Pants and Gloves
  • 2 Pairs of Goggles. Hi and Low vis.
  • Heaps of Snowboarding Socks!
  • Impact shorts.
  • Passport, Insurance, Train Transfer tickets etc.
  • Thermals
  • Jacket
  • Knee pads, not worth hurting knees this early in the season and makes knelling in hard snow a pleasure!

Obviously I haven’t featured boxers, T-shirts, tooth brush etc as they will be in other bag but what have I forgotten?