Blair Drummond and Shenanigans!

Been a good couple weeks since my last post but unfortunately its been a while since I’ve had an opportunity to take out my camera. I have been working heaps at porto & fi recently and applying for grants as my main focus has been making sure that I have enough money to see me through the winter season in France where I will be based for training and racing this winter. I have been preparing physically a great deal too at the gym, running and swimming etc so just got to keep myself motivated for it. The winter seams so far away!! Leaves are falling in Edinburgh already so it can’t be far off.

It was freshers week last week for Napier so I helped out at a few events driving mini buses etc but also took a heap of freshers to Blair Drummond Safari Park which has been the only chance for me to get my camera out since I have started working! Though it was going to be pretty but the place is epic!! Highlights had to be the Sea Lion show which I ended up getting more into than the 5 yr olds sitting at the front! The birds of pray display was also really good. Was hoping they would fly the eagle owl as we had one up until my family moved to NZ but no such luck. Anyways, here are a few pics from it.