Culross Dirt Jumps

Went and checked out the Culross dirt jumps with Swayze and Ramsay today. They had just been through at Killbride skate park practicing a few tricks into the foam pit and wanted to put them down on dirt. I’d never heard of Culross before but it was really cool set up and the locals there must have put in a shit load of digging. One of them came along just when we were leaving though and was chatting about how ‘Bams’ keep coming and burning their jumps and stealing their tools. None around today thankfully, they’re probably all on their way back from the riots in foggy London town!

Anyways, was pretty chilled out wee session, Ramsay managed to get his suicides dialed on the mulch jump which was pretty cool. Then came some 360 attempts which made for some good watching! Couple more trips though and they’ll both have them down!